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about Randeep Singh the wildlife photographer.
Randeep Singh - Wildlife Photographer

Randeep Singh is an award winning Wildlife Photographer from Jalandhar, INDIA. He ventured into the field of nature and wildlife photography for more then a decade now. He is passionate about birds and small world (macro) photography. He has travelled to more then 75 countries worldwide for his work and for Wildlife Photography. He has been to most of the national parks within Asia, Africa, Europe, Central and South America as well.

For him, wildlife photography is not only a passion but also his aim is to hopefully share the same with others, something of the beauty and wonder of the natural world that he has been honored to witness and photograph. Randeep contributed many conservation stories and articles on his various journey’s around the world on wildlife has been published in many international magazines and newspapers. He is focussing more on the conservation of wildlife.

“Wildlife Photographers will always be the unsung hero’s of our mother nature" – favourite quote of Randeep Singh. Randeep Singh leaves a message for the people “Its tremendous to be out there in nature, all day along. Please do spend time in nature as much as you can.”